Devil’s Hollow: A Question And Answer With Gino Tenpenny

"Devil's Hollow"
Introducing Gino Tenpenny

We’re sitting down today with Lt. Gino Tenpenny, the hero of “Devil’s Hollow,” a detective mystery on sale at

Hopefully this will be the first of several short interviews with the veteran lawman.

Author: Lieutenant, I understand that you’re usually the one asking the questions, but you don’t mind answering a few questions for our readers, do you?

Gino Tenpenny: A few.

A: Great!


GT: But before we get started, let me clear up something.

A: Certainly.

GT: In your introduction, you called me a hero. I’m just a working man. Hero is a word that gets tossed around much too often these days.

A: Point taken, lieutenant.

GT: (Nods)

A: Now, getting to our story. You gave a certain magician a hard time in Devil’s Hollow. Tell us, how do you really feel about magicians?

GT: (Scoffs) I put them right at the top of a list that includes evil clowns and ventriloquist’s dummies.

A: (Laughs) That’s funny.

GT: It’s not intended to be.

A: Okay. There’s a tweet making the rounds about you giving The Most Interesting Man In The World a wedgie when you were kids. True?

GT: (Squirms in seat) Not true. It wasn’t a wedgie. It was a noogie. Don’t read anything into it; we were just fooling around. We’ve always been the best of friends.

A: I understand that you’re a religious man.

GT: I attend Mass every day.

A: The Latin Mass, I understand.

GT: That’s right. I’ve got a strong belief in tradition.

A: Yet you once knocked out a priest with one punch while you were in high school.

GT: That’s not much to brag about. He had a glass jaw.

A: What caused you to strike a man of the cloth?

GT: He made a remark about my father’s heritage. I took exception to it.

A: But a priest?

GT: There are no free passes when you’re insulting someone’s family.

A: Yet that wasn’t the first time you resorted to physical violence, was it?

GT: If you’re referring to the time I clobbered a guy over the head with a horseshoe stake …

A: I think you were 13 at the time.

GT: That’s it. (Stands) End of discussion. This interview’s over. (Walks out of room)

Author’s Note: Except for the ending, I thought this first interview with Gino Tenpenny went as well as could be expected. The lieutenant may disagree, but we’ll try again at a future date. Please stay tuned to this blog for the latest on Devil’s Hollow, A Gino Tenpenny Mystery.

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