Tebow Gets The Brady Test

     Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow-mania. The Patriots against the Broncos in Denver. Stop the madness and let the game begin.

     The Patriots have been dreadful on defense, even using offensive players in their secondary. The Broncos are playing with great confidence behind their celebrity quarterback.

     Normally I wouldn’t expect a team like Denver to keep up with New England’s offense. But this isn’t a normal year. Continue reading

Bad Boys, Watcha Gonna Do?

     Barry Bonds got two years’ probation and 30 days of house arrest when he was sentenced yesterday by a federal judge. The former Giants slugger, who obstructed a grand jury investigation into steroids distribution and was facing prison time, is appealing his conviction.

     Bonds was also ordered to do 250 hours of community service and fined $4,000. In his last season in the major leagues, 2007, San Francisco paid Bonds $15.8 million for his services. The Giants’ superstar made more than $192 million over his entire baseball career. That $4,000 fine has got to hurt.

     House arrest means Bonds will be confined to his six-bedroom, 10-bath house with a gym and swimming pool. Ouch. Continue reading

Welcome to A Sports Blog

     Hello everyone. I love talking about baseball, football, hockey, basketball and boxing mostly, as well as some college football, basketball and baseball. A little bit of golf, tennis and soccer, too. I’m also open to sports items that are a little offbeat and get my attention. And, of course, whatever’s on your mind. Join in the discussion if you’d like to add something, or just sit back and read. Your choice. Check out the pages in the menu, top right. If you’re ever stuck, just click on the main photo on each page. It will get you back to the front. This site is a work in progress, but right now it’s time to get started. See below.

No clogging the halls

     No Tebowing allowed. Especially when you’ve only got three minutes to get to your next class.

     Yahoo! Prep Rally reported yesterday that a Long Island high school suspended a group of athletes for imitating the popular pose in the hallway of their school.

     Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is famous for his own form of celebration, in which he goes to one knee and rests his forehead on both fists. In prayer, usually in the end zone or on the sideline following a key moment in the game. Continue reading

One Christmas Knight

One Christmas Knight
When the magic of Christmas teams with the power of family in the old neighborhood

     One Christmas Knight is my first e-book, available on amazon.com now. It’s meant for Kindle devices and applications for the iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, Droid and Window 7 phones. In the months to come I will add new titles, everything from sports (baseball is a specialty), detective mysteries and children’s books from juvenile to young adult. Click on the photo to see its amazon.com page.

Gun To My Head

     Up next on amazon.com. My second e-book: Gun To My Head, A Near-Death Baseball Experience. A story featuring some of the greatest players of all-time, the Field of Dreams ballfield and Al Capone. Click on Gun To My Head in the menu, top right under Pages, for more information.