It’s a whole new ballgame

A story about Christmas and family in the old neighborhood.

"Devil's Hollow"

Introducing Gino Tenpenny, a no-nonsense detective.










I’ve been an e-book author for less than two months now, and I already have two titles up for sale on, with a third set to go by the end of the week. It may look like it happened almost overnight, but it most certainly did not.

Each story was many months in the making, from original idea to planning, writing and final edit. Something always seemed to get in the way. Usually it was my newspaper career and the 1-hour and 10-minute commute (on good days and nights) to Newark from my home at the Jersey Shore. Then it was my inability to convince an agent to take on a previously unpublished author. But, in the end, it came down to an opportunity that I could not pass up.

Amazon started a program in which unpublished authors could post their e-books right alongside digital works by bestselling authors. And by providing royalties of up to 70 percent on each sale, the indie author could set his cover price much lower than established authors who have much more of an overhead: publisher, agent, etc.

In effect, Amazon has leveled the playing field. If your work appeals to the public and there are enough of your titles in the pipeline, you can make a living as a writer. Of course, much depends on an author’s ability to get the word out. While I can charge less because I have no overhead, I also have no one on staff to promote my e-books but myself.

So let me introduce you to Frank Verde, author and promoter. I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn, and I urge anyone on Twitter to follow me @frankverde123

Each of my first three works stands on its own. One Christmas Knight and Star Camp are family-oriented books. Devil’s Hollow has more adult themes, but it’s a detective mystery at heart. All three can be downloaded to your personal computer or Kindle. You can also download the titles onto the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or BlackBerry if you prefer.

If you walked in a bookstore today, you could expect to pay about $25 for a newly released hardcover book. The same title could be purchased as an e-book for $12.99.

My titles are priced $2.99 apiece. You can get all three of my e-books plus my fourth title (a baseball story due out in mid-March) for less than the price of that single item.

To learn more about One Christmas Knight or Devil’s Hollow, click on the appropriate e-book cover. It will take you to the e-book’s Amazon page, where you can read a plot summary or the first few chapters of the story. If you wish to make a purchase, just click on the Buy Now With 1 Click button in the upper right-hand corner.

Star Camp will be available in the same manner by Friday.

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