How do you follow that?

Now that the Giants’ championship parade and celebration at the Meadowlands is over.

Now that the seven fans who reported their vehicles as stolen afterward have all found their vehicles – right where they left them in the stadium parking lot.

Now that the blitzed Giants fan in an Eli Manning jersey has led police through a wild chase on Long Island and been apprehended for it. (Her SUV was easy to follow since it was spray-painted with “Lets Go Giants.”)

Yes, now that football season is finally over, what’s next?

Well, Carmelo Anthony gets to sit and watch the Knicks play without him for the next week or two weeks while he recovers from a groin injury. Maybe he’ll use the time constructively and learn how any team cannot win consistently with one player taking every single shot. Maybe, but not likely.

That’s not it, though.

There are the New York Rangers, who had to feel good about themselves until owner James Dolan addressed the team for the first time in six years and said the Rangers were closing in on winning the Stanley Cup. It’s not that Rangers fans are superstitious, right? That little talk took place in mid-January, about five months before New York could schedule another parade through the Canyon of Heroes.

But that’s not it, either.

I’ve got it. We’re 10 days away until pitchers and catchers are due to report for spring training. At least in some major league organizations.

 The Yankees don’t require their pitchers and catchers in camp until Feb. 19.

The Mets have set a Feb. 21 date, because they don’t need as much time to get ready. Or maybe they just wish to save a few bucks on electricity, food, drink, etc.

Yeah, baseball season is right around the corner. For some, like Yankees fans, that’s a great thing. For Mets fans … tough times are ahead.

Still, pitchers and catchers are reporting soon. There may be snow in the forecast, but we’re on the other side of winter now.

The Mets haven’t lost a game yet.  

Spring is a time for hope and new life. Even in the darkest of baseball hours.

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